Manoa Honey Company is an O'ahu based beekeeping company, harvesting honey of Paradise!


 Core values of MHC from beginning to present...



Manoa Honey Company was founded in 1989 in Manoa valley on Oahu island. We produce pure, raw, premium Hawaiian honey as well as speciality hive products such as fresh bee pollen, comb honey and bees wax.
However, producing only honey does not fill our satisfaction yet... Because we see deep potential in hive derived products, we always seek chances to collaborate with people in various industries and creat something new.
We also provide pollination services to local Oahu farmers. Fruits and vegetables locally grown on Oahu which were pollinated by our bees, will be freshly served to your daily tables from farmers and from restaurant chefs. We are glad to be an integral part of the food supply chain here in Hawaii.
Yuki Uzuhashi, the new owner and the beekeeper of Manoa honey Co, took over all of MHC honeybee colonies on Oahu from former owner Michael M Kliks in 2014. Uzuhashi takes care of bees with the vision of helping the beekeeping industry here on Oahu to flourish.
Our mission is to provide the finest, pure, premium Hawaiian honey and speciality hive products to all mankind who enjoy life on Earth and treasure these beautiful Hawaiian islands.
Beyond our love of honey, we are proud of saving and providing this precious pollinator in the island's food supply chain. Bees are one of the most important pollinating insects not only to planted crops, but also to wild plants which are the essential food source for hundreds of wild creatures.
We believe beekeeping on the island is crucial to enrich both human life and the wildlife of Hawaii. As one of the few beekeeping companies on Oahu, we take pride in the role we play in helping to sustain this remote and fragile ecosystem.


Bee yard
Our Bees
Our bees are raised on O'ahu at more than 10 locations. One of the apiaries is by famous Diamond Head crater, where there is a rich Kiawe tree forest. On the other side of the island, in Waianae Valley, bees are kept at mango and citrus orchard which is rich in mango pollen and citrus nectars. Every apiary has a unique flower source that makes our honey distinguished.


Our Team
We are a small beekeeping company with teams of beekeepers and honey house crew. We are proud of running beekeeping business who plays resposible role in a food supply chain of Hawaii.


Bees:Yuki 808.927.0501 email: yuki@manoahoney.com