Our products are purely sourced from tropical flora of the unique climate of the Hawaiian islands.


Product line ups

 Product Line-ups and Description.


Pure Raw Hawaiian Honey
Honey pic
Types of Honey

• Crater Kiawe
• Christmas Berry
• Pele's Gold(Mixed blossom)
• Ohia Lehua
• Macadamia Nut Blossom
• Manoa Meli

Types of Jars
8oz Bear | 9oz Glass Jar 12oz Bear | 18oz Jar


Each type of honey has distinct tastes and textures which originate from different sources of flowers.
For instance, Kiawe is our lightest both in flavor and color, and Macadamia Nut Blossom honey are our richest varieties. Single nectar sourced Kiawe honey is our finest honey simply because its subtle taste and rarity. On the other hand, the darker the color of honey gets, such like Macadamia or Christmas Berry, the richer the taste and also density of nutrients and minerals...
We have 5 different types of honey to suit all of your honey needs. Discover the unique flavor of each different honey. There are so many ways to explore and enjoy pairing our gourmet honey with your favorite dishes.
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Speciality Hive Products


• Hawaiian Natural Comb Honey

5.3oz (150g) or more

• Hawaiian Fresh Bee Pollen

1.5oz(43g) | 6oz(170g)



Hawaiian Natural Comb Honey is proudly produced with a lot of effort. Natural comb honey requires very fragile and very least processing and therefore almost all micro-nutrients that honey originally has are maintained.
Try it with cheese of your favorite, add to fresh salad, melt on to scones or bite direct like a candy. Beeswax is totally edible, can be enjoyed like bubble gum and can be digested.Read more...

Hawaiian Fresh Bee Pollen is a premium fresh bee pollen gathered only on Oahu, Hawaii. Pollen is collected from various tropical flowers grown in Hawaii, such as Palm, Avocado, Kiawe, Christmas berry, etc., and are truly miracle powders of paradise. Known as a "Superfood", bee pollen is very rich source of multi-amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that is said to be a nature's almost complete nutritious supplement.
Enjoy adding it to your favorite recipes; smoothies, cereal, yogurt, acai bowl, salad, etc. Our bee pollen in not over dried thus it remains fresh and soft for your easily digestion. KEEP REFRIGERATED. Read more...

Bees Wax

• Bees Wax Candles

• Bees Wax Solid   Blocks

• Bees Wax   Foundation


Our Candles are made from 100% beeswax. By consuming nectar and honey, beeswax is generated by worker bees through a chemical process that takes place inside of their tiny bodies. The light from Beeswax candles is another way that beautiful flowers light up our lives.
Light our candles for occasional celebrations, or even at your everyday dinner table. Our beeswax candles enrich your atmosphere and bring relaxation.

Special Package and Gift Sets
specialty jars
Type of Gift

• Wedding Gift

• Birthday Gifts

• Occasional    Gift, Presents


Special Packaging and Gift Sets are another way to celebrate your special moment or to gift to somebody who you love. We can create custom packages and labels, to personalize your gifts for weddings, celebrations, souvenirs, etc. For further details please contact us. Click to see Sample and Template Designs.