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Laulima Mead

Laulima Mead


Laulima Mead

ABV 13.9%


Brewed and bottled by Mānoa Honey & Mead

  • Product Info

    Laulima Mead - crafted by our 2023 National Mead Day mead-making workshop. "Laulima" is the Hawaiian word meaning "many hands working together", a fitting name for a mead created by hand-crushing fresh honeycomb! 

    200lb+ of honeycomb was hand-crushed, fermented and aged in an American oak barrel. This oak-aged mead has luscious vanilla, caramel, green apple, and hints of coconut notes.


    Enjoy good mood music, new playlist from @therachellook & Taylor F. by scanning the code on the label.

    ABV 13.90%

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