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Pele's Gold (mixed blossom) Honey

Pele's Gold Honey


Pele’s Gold Honey (mixed-blossom).

Bears Net Weight: 2-oz (56g), 8-oz (226g), 12-oz (340)

Jars Net Weight: 9-oz glass (255g), 46-oz plastic (1304g) 


    Pele’s Gold Honey is our mixed-blossom honey harvested from several varieties of tropical plants, such as avocado, mango, passionfruit, palm, Christmas Berry, and many more. This popular honey has rich flavor and color with fruity notes that change seasonally.  


    Net weight:  2-oz (56 g) bottle, 8-oz (226 g) bottle, 9-oz (255 g) glass jar, 12-oz (340 g) bottle, 46-oz (1304 g) plastic jar.

    - All of our honeys are pure, raw and contain no artificial ingredients.  

    - Do not feed honey to infants under one year of age.

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