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Hawaii Honey: the golden gift from paradise

Hawaii honey is undoubtedly one of our favorite local products. The distinguished flavors from Hawaii honey is unmatched, our tropical flora unique from the world.

Yuki Uzuhashi - owner, beekeeper and artistic soul - ready for a busy morning at our North Shore apiary

What is honey?

Honey is a natural product produced by thousands of hardworking female bees. They gather nectar from local flora, storing the sweet liquid into their special stomachs called honey sacs. Back at their hive, the bees work together to convert the nectar until it thickens into honey. The substance is then deposited into the tiny hexagon shapes of the honeycomb. The bees flap their wings rapidly to evaporate water from the honey, ending with the final step of capping it off with beeswax until the bees are ready to consume the honey as their main source of carbohydrates.

Female working bees on honeycomb

What makes Hawaii honey unique?

Honey itself is unique region to region based on the local flora, which makes it such a fascinating and exciting element to work with!

Hawaii honey ranges from bold and sweet to floral and delicate. Get to know our varieties of Hawaii honey a little more:

We are humbled to be able to harvest some of the rarest honey from endemic flora, the 'Ohi'a Lehua Tree with its beautiful red blossom. The fact that this tree exists only on Hawaii makes the Lehua honey a must-try. Buy Honey >

  • Golden, raw honey

  • Smooth & Delicate

  • Light floral notes

The Macadamia Nut Tree was introduced to Hawaii in the late 1800s. Today, the majority of the trees are found on Hawaii Island and the macadamia nut has become an iconic part of visiting the Hawaii Islands. We think the honey is pretty iconic too! Buy Honey >

  • Amber, raw honey

  • Rich & Robust

  • Nutty & Malty

Originally from South America, this tree was brought to Hawaii mainly for decorative purposes but soon spread across the island. It has scarlet red berries, hence it being commonly referred to as the Christmas Berry Tree. In Hawaii, the locals call it the Wilelaiki Tree, named after William Rice - a well known paniolo (cowboy) on Hawaii Island who wore a hat adorned with a lei of the scarlet berries. Buy Honey >

  • Amber, raw honey

  • Mild chestnut notes

  • Slightly herbal aftertaste

Known as the “tree of life” in South America, the Kiawe Tree was introduced to Hawaii in the early 1800s. Unfortunately, this tree has been nearly wiped out in its natural habitat in South America but is currently flourishing in Hawaii, making this honey one of the rarest in the world and a must-try here on the island. Buy Honey >

  • White, whipped, raw honey

  • Silky-Smooth & Creamy

  • Sweet & Smokey

Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and fire, and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands in Hawaiian mythology. Our mixed-blossom honey is unique to our land as the golden nectar comes from the combination of tropical plants across the island, such as avocado trees, lilikoi (passionfruit) flowers, citrus and palm trees... just to name a few. Buy Honey >

  • Darker amber, raw honey

  • Brown Sugar & Maple Syrup

  • Well-rounded

Macadamia honey on waffles

Which is your favorite Hawaii honey? For us... sometimes it's too hard to choose!

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