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A Sensorial Experience with Honey & Mead

We have a deep appreciation for the process in which our products are made, an interconnected "Golden Triangle" between bees, nature and humankind. But our appreciation doesn't stop there. Being able to engage all of our human senses allows us to thoroughly savor our honey and mead and revel in what it took to share the gift from bees with the public... a true sensorial experience.


Here's how we pause during our busy days, engage our senses and take time to appreciate what we do:


  • Mesmerized by the drizzle of honey and the never ending flow of bubbles in a glass of mead.

  • Fascinated by the variety of golden honey hues, from white to dark caramel.

  • Admire the array of colors in our mead flights from champagne, orange, dusty pink, rose, amber and violet.

Honey drizzle


  • The distinct fragrance of our honeys... they go way beyond just "smelling sweet"! Floral, fruity, woody, and fresh.

  • Our mead aromas are just as varied with the underlying honey nose in all of them. Full of tropical fruits or floral highlights.

Mamane flower endemic Hawaii


  • If you've ever opened a jar of honey and didn't come away with sticky fingers, we applaud you!

  • Handling honeycomb, honey straight from the hive, is always a beautiful experience - the rigid beeswax caps, dripping viscous honey and feeling the weight of the bees' harvest.

  • Popping open a bottle of sparkling mead and feeling the rush of bubbles vibrate to the top.

  • The cool glass full of sparkling mead that's collected condensation on our fingertips.

Sparkling Mead condensation glass


  • The intricate nuances of our different honey profiles in both flavor and texture, from maple to smoky, silky smooth to the crunch of bitter cacao nibs.

  • Fresh ingredients from the islands make our meads unlike many others you may have had. Tropical fruits and smooth honey.

Orange Rosemary Mead made with all local ingredients!


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