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New Mead Release! 2024 Yuzu Blanc

2024 Yuzu Blanc from Manoa Honey & Mead

Our first, new seasonal mead of the year: 2024 Yuzu Blanc releases on Friday, February 9 at retail and online.


Made with Macadamia Blossom Honey and genuine Yuzu citrus, our Yuzu Blanc has delicate, aromatic notes of yuzu and white flowers with a slightly zesty finish.

A semi-sweet, traditional style mead at 9.1% ABV. It pairs well with creamy desserts, spicy foods or on its own as an aperitif. We recommend to store and enjoy chilled.

2024 Yuzu Blanc from Manoa Honey & Mead


Traditionally, yuzu is enjoyed in the winter months in Japan. Yuki and Erika, owners of Mānoa Honey & Mead and Japan natives, are excited to share this tradition by capturing yuzu in a bottle here in Hawaii.

Unlike most other citrus plants, the yuzu tree is able to survive during the freezing winter months, and is often harvested starting in October until the start of winter. Known widely for its distinct aromatic scent and bright yellow color when ripe, yuzu juice and zest are used as ingredients in the culinary arts and even aromatherapy products. In Japan, hot spring yuzu baths are a tradition not to be missed.

The tradition of taking a yuzu bath on the day of the winter solstice is believed to help ward off colds and viruses. This belief stems from yuzu containing nomilin, a substance found in citrus fruits, which promotes better circulation, as well as yuzu being rich in Vitamin C, with 3x as much as a lemon! The therapeutic, fresh aroma of yuzu citrus doesn't hurt either - creating a pleasant and extra relaxing day at the hot springs.

2024 Yuzu Blanc from Manoa Honey & Mead

We hope you enjoy our little bit of tradition during the last of these cold, winter months!

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