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New Mead Release! Guava Lavender Session

An effervescent day dream... say hello to Guava Lavender Session!

Made with endemic Māmane honey & locally grown guava, our Guava Lavender Session is delicate and juicy, with a burst of floral aromatics.

6.5% ABV | Off-Sweet | Limited Batch Series

Guava Lavender Session Mead

Our first canned mead for 2024, this is the perfect light and refreshing sip to have for your day in the sun! Available at our Honey House retail shop in Wahiawa and for Hawaii online orders.

Guava Lavender Session Mead


BEHIND THE MEAD: A story of bees, plants & humans

At the inception of this company, we vowed to always appreciate and share through our products the deep respect and wonder we have for the interconnected relationship between bees, plants & humans - what we call "The Golden Triangle".

Everything we do, we pause and reflect on how The Golden Triangle is intertwined within our operations. Starting with a little bee, we are in awe of how such a small creature can make such huge impacts to plants and humans alike.

How Guava Lavender Session mead came to be is a beautiful story of The Golden Triangle... of how the relationship of bees, plants & humans came together to create something delicious - to be enjoyed by all.


The endemic Māmane tree is found in the dry Kau area on the Big Island. It produces yellow blossoms and light golden, silky-smooth textured honey, harvested on a remote ranch by our beekeeper friend, Tristan Winpenny.


Māmane honey crystallizes rapidly in the honeycomb, causing the need to quickly harvest. Each drop of this honey requires hard effort and skill.

Mamane Tree Blossom

BEHIND THE MEAD: Fresh Guava fruit

Popular guava... but hard to come by. Although an iconic tropical ingredient, fresh guava fruit is rare to find in our grocery stores in Hawaii... even at farmers' markets, unless you're lucky!


Once the fruit ripens on the tree, there's a very small window to capture the elusive guava before the birds or rot takes it. It requires strong dedication to know the exact moment to pick the right fruits on a daily basis.

Fresh guava fruit on the tree


Mahalo to Tim Golden, co-owner of Village Bottle Shop, and his mother, Carmella, who provided all the fresh guava for this mead - all from one tree!


We are grateful to be in a community that supports each other!


In honor of Carmella & motherhood, you can find Guava Lavender Session on tap and retail at Village Bottle Shop in Kaka'ako for a limited time.


The making of Guava Lavender Session Mead was truly a labor of love, hard effort and strong dedication and skill. Mahalo to our partners, community, and everything in between the sun and flora to bring this effervescent day dream to reality.

Guava Lavender Session Mead released on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. We invite you to taste this day dream for yourself at our weekend mead tastings, open every Friday through Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm HST.

Guava Lavender Session Mead

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