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Our Barrel-Aged Classics

The Story Behind our Barrel-Aged Classics

Our collaboration with Kō Hana Rum Distillery brings together two like-minded Hawaii businesses, where our most important ingredients of honey from flowers and sugarcane come directly from the land, our 'āina. By repurposing American-Oak barrels that were previously used to age one of the Hawaii's finest agricole rums, we avoid letting these barrels go to waste. They are emptied and refilled with our Hawaiian honey and mead to create brand new flavors.


The combination of the nutty and floral notes of our honey blend beautifully with the rum's essence and the oak from the barrels. The result is a harmonious fusion from a successful cross-pollination partnership, creating honey and mead unlike any other.

Rum Barrel Aged Honey from Manoa Honey & Mead

Our honey is aged within Kō Hana Rum barrels, creating a classic honey infusion that's gentle & intricate, with subtle earthiness & wisps of rum. What does it pair well with? Well... dare we say... everything?

Po - Traditional Mead from Manoa Honey & Mead

"Pō" in Hawaiian means long night or darkness. For us, this represents the time this mead lay waiting in darkness for over a year, resulting in our signature take on traditional mead.

Honey forward and surprisingly smooth with notes of dried orange & wood, this award winning mead is full of nostalgia and memoir. A classic pairing with late night cigars and old stories.

And what's a night of stories without soothing background music? Listen to our Pō playlist, talk story with Dad, and sip a glass of Pō together.

The best kind of Father's Day tradition.

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