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The Origin of "Honeymoon"

Did you know that mead is how the term "honeymoon" came to be?

On this Valentine's Day, here's a fun fact in celebration of Love.

Punch 4 - Manoa Honey & Mead

Once believed to be an aphrodisiac, newlyweds would spend one full moon cycle after their union indulging in mead - a beverage made from fermented honey.

Couples would drink and rejoice, attributing their fertility and good fortunes to this sweet elixir. This period became known as the “honeymoon”.

Today, we celebrate this old tradition by capturing that bliss with our modern mead, a bright and effervescent reminder of the pleasure we know as Love.

Lilikoi Mead - Manoa Honey & Mead

So, grab a bottle and pour a glass for you and your loved one. Bring back the thrill of the honeymoon phase and cheers together with mead... the origin of honeymoon.

Wishing everyone a day filled with Love.

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